Planning effective programs requires talking to stakeholders, meeting with partners, reading the literature, and putting it all together into a project concept with clear objectives, activities and outputs. Who has time for that? Well, as a matter of fact, I do!  

I’m chock full of creative ideas and dedicated to community impact and empowerment. Moreover, I am skilled at interdisciplinary research and cross-sector engagement. I will put my skills to work for you to design new projects, manage existing ones, or envision the next steps of unique advocacy, KTE and communications initiatives.      

Do you need someone who can step in to run a program while a team member is on leave or you are recruiting a replacement?  Let’s talk!

We were submitting a large funding application on a tight timeline and needed some writing assistance. We could not have found a better person to help us get the job done. With her background in law, human rights and the non-profit world, Alison quickly understood the nature and landscape of our work and was skillfully able to help us articulate our strengths, mission and alignment with the funder’s priorities in an accurate and compelling way. Alison is now on my speed dial for the next time I’ve got a writing emergency on my hands!

April Julian
Director of Education, Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Education Trust

Alison’s expertise is broad and comprehensive, spanning health equity, HIV, social marginalization, and the law. A dynamic and effective public speaker, Alison brings into every speaking engagement this combination of legal training, public policy expertise, and attention to issues of social justice. The result is an engaged and passionate audience each and every time!

Dr. Robb Travers
Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Wilfrid Laurier University

I work in community-based research focused on health and well-being of women living with HIV. It is essential that our entire research team (which includes women living with HIV, academics, social workers, health providers, front line service providers, and community leaders) has a comprehensive understanding of Canadian law concerning HIV non-disclosure. We are so fortunate that Alison is our guide on such matters, including grounding us in the history and application of the law. She is masterful at transforming the complicated language of the law into readily understandable information. She is an invaluable resource to our team and our research process.

Dr. Angela Kaida
Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

I've known Alison for close to 20 years. I've worked directly with her and also seen the amazing equality-focused work she has done with a variety of organizations. Whenever we are in the same city I make a point of meeting up with her because she is such a strategic thinker. I can always count on her to understand the complex dynamics of my work and she provides nuanced advice to help navigate challenges and barriers.

Erin Leigh
Executive Director, Ottawa Coalition to End Violence against Women

One of my best experiences working with community organizations was the opportunity I had to produce a short documentary with Alison called “Positive Women: Exposing Injustice,” illustrating the effects of Canadian HIV nondisclosure law in the lives of women living with HIV. Alison is not just a policy analyst; she's a steadfast change-maker who brings legal analysis, sound research and empathy to the fight for human rights for all. Her legal expertise, in-depth knowledge of HIV policy, and feminist analysis provided “Positive Women” with a unique perspective. As a result, the project was well-positioned to be utilized as an education and advocacy resource to help decrease stigma and discrimination within various sectors including health, law and education as well as the community at large. We've since gone on to produce other materials about HIV with great success. She is an incredible person to collaborate with on complex social issues!

Alison Duke
Producer and Director, Oya Media Group